Tennals Compliance Ltd Celebrates Employee of the Month, Lee Checkley

At Tennals Compliance Ltd, we take pride in recognising the hard work and dedication of our team members. Each month, we shine a spotlight on an outstanding individual whose commitment to excellence sets a benchmark for others to follow. This month, we are delighted to honour our Quotes Administrator – Lee Checkley as our Employee of the Month.

Lee Checkley’s stellar performance has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues and supervisors. His proactive approach to his responsibilities, particularly in the realm of purchasing for Compliance, has earned him this prestigious title.

One colleague remarked, “He has been given the purchasing task for Compliance and Lee has been into the finance office a few times last week, to ask me questions on the procedure and what he can do to keep the process running smoothly, which has been a nice light to see for one of the financial processes I have put in place to assist with a smooth running of the purchase ledger.”

Lee’s courteous and helpful demeanour is a constant source of positivity within our workplace. Another colleague added, “He is always polite and always helpful,” highlighting Lee’s professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond to assist others.

Moreover, Lee’s dedication to personal and professional growth is truly commendable. His eagerness to take on new challenges and learn new tasks has not gone unnoticed. As one colleague noted, “Always shown to be helpful when needed, polite and happy to learn new tasks.”

Lee’s contributions have had a tangible impact on our team’s success. His continued improvement and willingness to step up when needed make him a valued member of our organisation. As one colleague aptly summed up, “He has continued to improve, is very helpful and a valued member of the team.”

Employee of the month - TCL - Kiran Samra